I desire for your lips 

to reach my center,

 for my core to shake 

at the touch of your tongue, 

a connection that sparks a fire 

deep within where life begins

 and reverberates  throughout my soul.

taking him insideĀ 

 he put himself far in my mouth

choking me with what makes him a man

he holds my head in place and forcefully opens my mouth and i take him in willingly while enjoying his handling of me

i submit fully at that moment

i am his belonging only to his command his every wish

this is when i am free 

find a woman who asks 
how your day went
a woman who listens 

when you vent

who knows just how 

you like your favorite food.

she knows what you need in bed. 

she genuinely cares for you and welcomes you into her life.

however that same woman 

needs to drop the man 

who does not appreciate

all those things.

because the reason 

she gives her all to you

A because she expects 

you to give it back.